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Parmalat S.p.A. is a dairy and food corporation which is a subsidiary of French multinational company Lactalis. It was founded by Calisto Tanzi in 1961.


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Former Employee - Trade Marketing Manager says

"HR area, Compensation, work-life balance"

Current Employee - Finance says

"NA; overall good pay and in a good shape"

Former Employee - Manager says

"very heavily micromanaged working environment"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Upper Management- pass the buck - no one accountable for anything. load more work onto middle people- treat supervisors like garbage, and wonder why they can't keep them- promotions handed out to those who have no clue on what their doing in their previous position- so before they have to fire them, they promote them"

Human Resources Manager says

"Run by basically bullies with no respect for others opinions or experience. HR has no respect from its peers and doesn't command a real say in decisions. Whole organisation competes within itself and doesn't work together at the senior to exec levels. They ride the thin line with the law on salaries, company changes and more importantly only pay lip service to safety."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Poor Culture - No Training - Very Little Investment In People - To Focused On 'Catching Out' Staff Than Developing - Far To Many 'Chiefs' (Or 'Wanna Be' Chiefs That Is) - Complete Lack Of Trust Due To Limited Transparency - Poor Communication - Poor Remuneration - Very Limited Career Progression Mostly Due To The 'Boys Club' At The Top (All From 1 or 2 Other Companies) Getting Positions - Non-Risk Taking (Not Moving With The Times) - Wrong People (under-skilled) In Roles - Unprofessional Management (Mixing Business With Pleasure - More Focused On Personal Than Professional Relationships) - Limited Autonomy To Complete Role - Unfocused & Poorly Planned - Depts Operate In Silos - Marketing Need To Move With The Times (Stuck In The '90's) - Roles Increasingly Being Made Redundant."

Former Employee - Storeperson says

"Terrible atmosphere and work environment, not very clean - mouldy wracks and very dirty under flow racks. Poor hygiene overall."

Former Employee - Human Resources says

"Bad pay and bad career"


"Bad pay rates, bad conditions of the workplace , 10 hs/ day"

Current Employee - Machine Operator says

"Toxic environment Unrealistic expectations Mistreatment of employees "Give all orders verbally. Never write anything down that might go into a Pearl Harbor File". "Management by objectives is no better than the objectives." "We are too busy mopping the floor to turn off the faucet.""

tecnico (Current Employee) says

"en la vida ay que demostrar trabajo en esa empresa de la amistad"

Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"Who works 9hours at a mall for a very successful company for R2800 without traveling money because they want you to travel between shops working on saturday and sunday and for that little money eish is bad"

vendedora supervisora (Former Employee) says

"en parmalat de colombia se maneja un ambiente laboral bueno con mus buenas personas que siempre estaban dispuestas ayudarte para que tu conocimiento no quedara crudo es una empresa con un gran potencial en cuanto a mercadeo ya que es una empresa muy innovadora que siempre esta pensando en el bienestar del cliente lo mejor hay muy buena estabilidad laboralprestaciones, fondos de empleados, campañas de saludse maneja gps"

auxiliar de produção (Former Employee) says

"Em pouco tempo que trabalhei; tive oportunidade de crescimento profissional, lamentei a empresa ter mudado de local; no momento que estava me desenvolvendo como conferente. Tive ótimos professores para me ensinar as funções.Refeíção na empresaNão fornece vale refeição"

mercaderista (Former Employee) says

"tengo conocimientos gracias a la empresa parmalat me desempreñe como buena mercaderista y deddicada a mi trabajo responsable y muy cumplidora con mis horarios y tareas recomendadasbienestarno estoy de acuerdo con muchas poiticas"

lab Tech (Current Employee) says

"Awful Horrible Disgusting Will never step back Worst management No growth Use and abuse approach Partial senior management They simply hire families and can throw out if it simple as that!"

Stagista (Former Employee) says

"Grande azienda ma nessun opportunità di crescita per neolaureati. Considera solo studenti da Università Private nella maggior parte dei casi.Nessuna crescita per neolaureati"

truck driver code 10 (Former Employee) says

"Able to deliver on time & communicate with clients. Helpful staff assistance. There are challenges like any other work environment but manageable. ThanksNoDepending on the daily routine you been given."

Pasteurizer, Parmalat dairy (Former Employee) says

"After working for 44 years I was terminated by head office when I had 1.5 years to retirement. There’s was work in the office but head office said no. Great way to reward employees for looking after the company."

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"good company only the production employees sucks. senior employees mostly never let you feel how important you in the organization.swearing& yelling is rampant in the workplace. theresupervisorgood payrude people"

Driver trainer (Current Employee) says

"I like my job and my co- workers cause they gave me a chance and opportunity to learn and gain more experience . It is a good working environment.none12hour"

Líder Comercial (Former Employee) says

"No hay estabilidad en la compañia contratos muy cortos y tambien no tienen plan de induccion adecuado , son my desorganizados en esa parte y delegan funciones de otras areas qje no competen a nuestro al cargo desempeñado, en la region sur occiddnte se vive un estres por su direccion administrativa agotador , prefieren que el jefe comercial mas enviando informes que realizando trabajo de campo. La verdad una experiencia muy frustrante"

Process Technician and Filler Operator (Current Employee) says

"It is good place to work and very friendly too. I learn lots in this company.No free LunchRegular Hours always"

Promotor de Vendas. (Former Employee) says

"A Parmalat foi uma empresa na qual eu apreendi muito abriu novos horizontes na minha vida.plano de saude, vale refeição, integração entre os funcionários.Dificuldade em promover seus funcionários."

analista de control de calidad (Current Employee) says

"actualmente el trabajador es muy mal pagado para ser una empresa transnacional cuya producción es alta asi como el elevado precio del producto aparte los beneficios adquiridos por contratacion colectiva no son respetados antiguamente si era una buena empresa el grupo lactalis no le importa el talento humano si no los numerosningunomuchisimas"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Nothing to say - no organization - no team buildings - no benefits - no promotion - old building - good people very kind - too much work but not enough people to do it"

Field Marketer (Current Employee) says

"A typical day consist of making sure your product is available at all times. You definitely learn a lot about the demand and supply of stores, especially supermarkets. You get a behind the scene look of what systems are in place for ordering and delivering at different stores and also you get to meet with the different levels of management at supermarkets, How to handle "bosses'' and essentially you get to see how the leaders of companies go about making decision daily on how to run their stores. The hardest part, by far, is definitely maintaining a balance between having enough stock and having too much, as having too much stock will cost your employers a lot of money because it is stock that did not make money and you are the reason for the that stock being there. In some cases that is the risk you have to take to hit that sales target and always doing better than the previous time but also taking responsibility for whatever problems may occur in stores with your service or product.there aren't any.Working all the time"

credit controller-FMCG (Current Employee) says

"You learn a lot training at all,but the experience you get from here you cant buy ."

State Field Manager Grocery (Former Employee) says

"Parmalat has a culture which will not suit most people although they have had Senior Management changes that may of improved that aspect in the last 12 Months."

Operaio (Current Employee) says

"A mio modesto parere, una ditta di questo calibro si presume abbia i presupposti per essere una ditta all'avanguardia, organizzata, proiettata al progresso, rispettosa dei diritti e della vita privata delle persone. Quante pubblicità parmalat vedete? Sinonimo di una ditta con una mentalità e una metodologia di lavoro antiquata." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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